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Printable Baskin Robbins Application

Complete the Baskin-Robbins application to discover employment options in the ice cream shop industry.

Job seekers interested in the various employment opportunities available at Baskin-Robbins must complete and submit an application form to receive hiring consideration. Prospective employees should start by clicking the designated link to download and print the job application. To simplify the process, applicants should then peruse the entire form to determine the necessary information to gather ahead of time. The document asks for personal information, desired employment, education, references, and employment history. Legible printing in blue or black ink tends to make a favorable impression on Baskin-Robbins hiring managers.

The first section of the Baskin-Robbins application form gathers personal contact information and establishes the legal eligibility of job hopefuls to work in the United States. After neatly filling in the necessary information, candidates proceed to the next section of the job application, which covers desired employment. Applicants demonstrating flexible schedule availability when listing hours available often enjoy increased chances for employment. Before indicating salary expectations, prospective workers should research typical pay scales for Baskin-Robbins or similar employers and respond accordingly.

Baskin-Robbins next requires job hunters to list any high schools, colleges, or trade schools attended, in addition to dates of enrollment and graduation status. The application form continues with a table for candidates to provide the contact information of three references. Baskin-Robbins applicants should use professional references whenever possible and avoid listing family members or friends. Entry-level job seekers without a history of employment should consider using teachers, coaches, or group leaders as references in lieu of former managers or supervisors.

The Baskin-Robbins job application concludes by gathering information about any previous employment, if applicable. Applicants must disclose contact information, dates of employment, duties and responsibilities, and salary histories for the three most recent jobs held. Before signing the completed application form, candidates need to indicate the ability to perform the essential functions of Baskin-Robbins jobs by marking the appropriate checkbox. Potential ice cream shop associates should also carefully read the statement found directly above the space for applicant signatures.

After ensuring the absence of errors and inaccuracies, job hopefuls must sign the application form to certify the validity of the document and officially establish hiring eligibility. Applicants need to submit the completed job application in-person at the appropriate Baskin-Robbins location. For increased hiring consideration, candidates should dress professionally and bring the application form directly to the store manager, if possible. Following up weekly to express continued interest in the job with often increases chances for employment, as well.

Baskin-Robbins Entry-Level Jobs and Salary Information
The ice cream shop industry offers a wide range of entry-level job possibilities. Applicants seeking entry-level work should turn in the printable job application now. Baskin-Robbins caters to entry-level employees and offers flexible scheduling, part-time shift opportunities, and competitive pay scales. Applicants may find entry-level work as Baskin-Robbins crew members or cake decorators.

Crew Member – Crew members provide general customer service and operate cash registers. Specific job duties for Baskin-Robbins team members include taking and preparing food and drink orders, cleaning work stations, completing transactions, and answering questions about food items, policies, and services. Ideal candidates for crew member positions possess friendly personalities and work quickly and efficiently under pressure. Baskin-Robbins imposes minimum age requirements of 16 in order to work for the ice cream chain. Applicants under 16 may obtain special work permits through local government offices, depending on the state. Pay begins around $8.50 to $9.50 per hour for crew member jobs with Baskin-Robbins.

Cake Decorator – Cake decorators spend the majority of an average work day decorating cakes and baking food items at Baskin-Robbins. Pay begins around $10.00 an hour for cake decorators. Salary may increase with experience gained, and decorating jobs may lead to managerial roles within the company. During the hiring process, Baskin-Robbins screens for creative, diligent, and motivated workers for cake decorator jobs. Applicants with baked goods experience may receive preferential treatment during the Baskin-Robbins hiring process.

Baskin-Robbins also offers a great deal of full-time job opportunities. Careers in management exist in shift leader, supervisor, assistant manager, and store manager capacities. The ice cream shop chain also regularly hires seasoned professionals for work in IT, accounting, marketing, human resources, and logistics at Baskin-Robbins corporate headquarters. Interested applicants may find more information regarding corporate careers and full-time management opportunities by contacting Baskin-Robbins.

Employee Benefits with Baskin-Robbins
In addition to competitive pay scales and flexible scheduling, Baskin-Robbins also offers employment benefits to qualified employees. Eligible associates working for Baskin-Robbins gain access to healthcare coverage, life insurance options, 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off, and discounts on Baskin-Robbins food and drink. Eligibility requirements typically vary by ice cream shop location and position. Inquire with the ice cream shop company for more information on work benefits eligibility and to begin the hiring process today.

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