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The Burger King application simplifies employment searches and offers exceptional entry-level jobs and professional career opportunities.

One of the most recognizable fast food chains on the planet, Burger King employs more than 34,000 part-time and full-time workers. The fast food restaurant company frequently hires new crew members for job vacancies across the country. To begin the hiring process and qualify for employment, job seekers must fill out an official application form, regardless of position. Hiring managers will then use the materials as way to select eligible workers.

At the beginning of the Burger King job request form, participants must provide the necessary personal information, such as name, social security number, date of birth, and address. Additionally, applicants must certify legal right to work in the United States. For applicants under the age of 18, Burger King stores require work permits, physical reports, and other documentation for administrative purposes.

As a way to further illustrate qualifications, the Burger King printable job application asks for education and previous work experience. For education information, Burger King mainly the name of the school most recently attended, whether it may be high school or college. In the work history section, applicants must list three previous employers. Information requested includes job title, location, position, and dates worked. Burger King job candidates should also leave final pay rates and the name of supervisor to potentially contact.

Availability may be one of the most important sections of the printable application. Those with greater availability may receive prominent hiring consideration with Burger King. The availability section firsts asks need to provide availability for each day of the week. After that, the application inquires about total hours available per week and when the prospective employee may start work.

The final portion of the job application authorizes the fast food chain permission to investigate all claims and statements the applicant submits. Candidate benefit from reviewing and checking information placed on the application form before submitting the document. To complete the application, potential hires must sign and date the form.

Burger King Entry-Level Jobs and Salary Information
Applicants seeking Burger King jobs must complete and submit required hiring materials. Burger King must hire energetic, friendly, and motivated workers to staff part-time and full-time jobs. Interested individuals 16 and over may apply online for Burger King jobs. The following entry-level jobs regularly need staffed:

Cashier – Burger King cashiers provide pivotal services. Primary job duties for Burger King cashier associates include ringing up purchases and taking food and drink orders. Cashiers typically work flexible schedules, including nights and weekends. Average pay for Burger King cashier employees begins at minimum wage and ranges up to $9 an hour.

Team Member – The job responsibilities of a Burger King team member vary depending on necessity. Burger King team members may check inventory, stock food trays, prepare meals, operate drive-thru windows, and clean work stations. Additional job duties include cleaning restrooms and dining areas. Burger King team members earn minimum wage base pay and may earn up to $9, in most cases.

In addition to entry-level job opportunities, Burger King also provides career professionals access to meaningful employment. Career-minded individuals may apply online to find management jobs, including shift coordinator, overnight supervisor, assistant manager, management trainee, or restaurant general manager positions. Corporate careers at Burger King headquarters also provide full-time job opportunities. Burger King corporate careers include brand activation and sales manager, product development manager, tax analyst, legal assistant, and administrative assistant as well as many jobs in IT, accounting, legal, human resources, and marketing.

Employment Benefits for Burger King Workers
As an international fast food chain with a long company history, Burger King understands the importance of employee welfare. Upon the completion of the hiring process, qualified Burger King associates enjoy a full line of work benefits. On-the-job training, career advancement opportunities, and future planning benefits, such as 401(k) retirement plans, provide financial security for eligible employees. Qualified workers also gain access to medical insurance coverage, paid time off, disability insurance, adoption assistance, tuition assistance, and flexible spending accounts. For more information on Burger King employee benefits, fill out an online application form today.

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