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Printable Dollar General Application

Fill out the Dollar General job application to access countless job opportunities in the retail industry.

Dollar General retail stores feature a surprisingly extensive application form used for employment purposes. Prospective employees must print out the entire form, fill in the necessary sections, and submit the application to the desired Dollar General location. The form contains seven sections; Personal Information, General, Employment, Education, Work History, Work References, and Notification and Agreement.

Dollar General uses the Personal Information portion of the job application as a way to get in touch with potential hires. Candidates must leave their full name, address, phone numbers, email addresses, and an individual Social Security Number. Applicants must also indicate their age, since most Dollar General employees must be at least 18 or older. General information predominantly asks for legal authority to work for Dollar General, criminal history, driving record, and how the applicant discovered employment opportunities with the company.

A positive work history may go a long way with Dollar General hiring managers. Generally, the company looks for information about an applicant’s previous three jobs. An individual does not necessarily need previous work experience to qualify for employment. Volunteer efforts and leadership experience may be substituted in lieu of job experience. In addition to company name and position, applicants must also provide accurate information regarding the work environment, duties, employment dates, and pay rates with the company. One must also state the reason for leaving a job. In addition to work history, Dollar General applicants must also provide three employment references, with the current address, phone number, email address, occupation, and the years acquainted with the applicant.

Additional sections of the Dollar General employment form include education and job skills. Educational venues include high school, vocational, college, and graduate studies, complete with course of study, years completed, and degree or diplomas earned. Applicants should also list and licenses or certifications earned that may help perform job duties. Skill areas Dollar General strongly looks for include cash registers, pricing guns, balers, fork lifts, pallet jacks, and sometimes even Commercial Driving Licenses (CDL). Before signing and submitting the job application, those still interested in employment should reread the entire application form, as well as the notification and agreement portion, which provides legal protection to both the company and potential hire.

Dollar General Entry-Level Positions and Salary Information

A nationwide variety retail store, Dollar General only hires dedicated and motivated workers. These jobs come with a wealth of employee benefits and other desirable perks. Eligible applicants may apply online to find nearby Dollar General job openings. Several popular jobs with Dollar General include:

Cashier – An entry-level position, cashiers must communicate with customers on a constant basis. Cashier duties focus on ringing up customer products, handling any returns or discrepancies, and enforcing store and company policy on a regular basis. Ideal candidates feel comfortable around people and possess basic math skills.

Stocker – Dollar General stockers focus on refilling and displaying all store merchandise. Employees need to familiarize themselves with product locations, where to find back stock, and where to put up certain displays. Ideal candidates need physical proficiency, usually the ability to lift around 50 to 75 pounds. Stockers also need to assist customers when necessary.

Workers seeking employment with Dollar General may take interest in management or shift lead positions. Management jobs require more responsibility but provide more benefits and rewards. Experienced workers may also apply for several corporate positions. Positions in the Dollar General corporate offices include human resources manager, loss prevention specialist, and maintenance technician. Apply online to discover Dollar General career opportunities.

Benefits of Work at Dollar General

Dollar General offers a great deal of benefits and other perks to every-level employees. Entry-level and part-time workers enjoy paid training and flexible scheduling. Many of these associates earn a competitive wage for the retail industry. Corporate employees with Dollar General may access several salary options. Additionally, professional workers may earn several types of insurance coverage, including health, vision, and dental care. Apply online with Dollar General to find more information on available job benefits.

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