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Printable Kfc Application

The KFC application provides instant access to fun and exciting employment in the fast food industry.

Job seekers interested in work at KFC restaurants may submit the required hiring materials online or in-person. KFC provides a downloadable application form for candidates to fill out at home, as well. Applicants who wish to use the printable application form must click on the printer logo at the right side of the screen. The logo should immediately download the KFC application for personal use on a home computer. Print the form and fill out the information required honestly and truthfully in a legible and grammatically correct manner.

In the section titled “Please Tell Us About Yourself”, the KFC downloadable application asks for contact information, including name, address, social security number, and phone number. The next three sections ask applicants to check position desired, number of desired hours, and whether an applicant holds previous experience with a Yum! Brand company. Applicants then move on to a section asking for availability. Job hunters must enter a potential start date and then fill out the corresponding table with exact hours available to work per day. Below the Availability section, KFC provides space for applicants to enter information for up to three previous positions held. The fast food company wants to know the names of previous employers, positions held, starting and ending wages, names of supervisors, company contact information, and time spent with the company. The lines provided also leave space for prospective fast food associates to explain reasons for leaving former jobs.

To conclude the application form, KFC job hopefuls need to provide a professional reference in the space provided. Below the Reference section, applicants must answer questions regarding criminal history and eligibility to work in the United States by checking the corresponding Yes and No boxes. The printable application then provides a waiver and disclaimer workers must read and agree to by signing the document at the bottom of the second page. By signing the form, applicants certify the application stands accurate and complete to the best of available knowledge. Submit the completed employment form to a local KFC restaurant to receive immediate hiring consideration.

KFC Entry-level Positions and Salary Options

KFC regularly hires motivated and cooperative workers to fill available employment opportunities. KFC jobs offer great pay and attractive employment benefits compared to other brands in the fast food industry. Applicants may apply online to find information about a number of popular jobs with Kentucky Fried Chicken, including:

Crew Member – Crew members with KFC must perform a wide variety of job duties. KFC crew members act as cashiers, line cooks, drive-thru attendants, and maintenance workers. Overall, KFC crew member must possess the ability to communicate well with customers. KFC hiring managers seek personable attitudes and calm demeanors in job candidates. Most entry-level associates with KFC start off earning minimum wage.

Counter Person – Another entry-level job title, KFC hires counter persons on a regular basis. KFC counter persons operate cash registers and take meal orders. Ideal candidates possess moderate math skills, excellent communication skills, and courteous attitudes. Managers and shift leaders may also ask counter persons to perform extra job duties, such as inventory, food preparation, and administrative tasks. KFC counter persons typically earn from minimum wage starting pay up to $9 an hour with experience.

Job seekers in need of professional work may want to consider a managerial or professional position with KFC. Specific job titles include fast food crew member, preparation team member, refrigeration team member, and customer service worker. Career opportunities with KFC include shift supervisor, assistant manager, and general manager jobs. Corporate careers in KFC headquarters also provide exceptional full-time job opportunities. Apply online with KFC to discover career opportunities and exciting jobs with the fast food chain.

KFC Employee Benefits

KFC offers associates a variety of job benefits. Many entry-level employees enjoy paid training, flexible scheduling, and paid time off, depending on seniority and experience in the industry. Entry-level employees also enjoy generous pay scales. Many professional associates enjoy attractive salary options and healthcare coverage packages. KFC offers eligible workers health, vision, and dental insurance as well as 401(k) retirement plans and discounts on food and drink. Apply online with KFC to find more information on employment benefits and available job opportunities.

KFC Company Information

Colonel Harland Sanders began Kentucky Fried Chicken in 1952. Sanders created a unique product and built KFC a reputation as an alternative to traditional fast food. The Colonel originally introduced the famous KFC fried chicken recipe in the 1930s. The KFC brand continues to operate thousands of locations worldwide and holds a strong presence in the fast food industry. PepsiCo owns the KFC brand, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut through Yum! Brands, and KFC company headquarters operate from Louisville, Kentucky.

KFC sells and serves a wide variety of chicken products. Menu items also include multiple kinds of wraps, salads, sandwiches, and various side dishes, such as mashed potatoes. Outside of the United States, KFC also serves hamburgers, barbecue pork, poutine, and many regional dishes. KFC continues to expand menu items and product lines.

One of the most recognized brands in the world, KFC operates over 14,000 locations. KFC restaurants operate in all fifty United States, Mexico, Canada, and over 100 other countries. The fast food chain generates over $500 million in annual revenues and employs approximately 24,000 entry-level workers and full-time career professionals.

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