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Printable Kmart Application

The Kmart application provides job seekers the ability to apply online for department store jobs.

Job seekers looking for work at Kmart may access the proper application form by clicking on the icon of a printer to download the necessary hiring materials. The Kmart job request form spans two pages and includes seven sections beginning with basic contact information. Before filling out the application form, candidates may want to create a resume, as Kmart allows prospective workers to attach the personal records of employment rather than listing previous jobs on the application. Kmart job contenders should take care to print legibly in blue or black ink when completing the printable application form.

After providing standard contact information, applicants indicate schedule availability and store location preferences. The application features a table in which job hunters designate specific hours available for work each day of the week. Kmart also requires candidates to specify the number of work hours desired each week and to list up to six preferred store locations. To receive hiring consideration for as many Kmart jobs as possible, applicants should demonstrate the ability to work a variety of shifts where needed.

The next sections of the job application cover the various hiring requirements that accompany Kmart employment opportunities. Kmart wants to ensure that job hopefuls eligible for hire possess the ability to perform the basic duties of the position desired. Candidates then discuss previous work experience by either attaching a resume or listing former jobs in the space provided on the application form. When opting to list previous jobs directly on the application, prospective Kmart store associates should start with the most recent employer and include the company name, job title, and dates of employment.

Before signing the completed job application, Kmart applicants need to make sure the document contains accurate information free from grammar and spelling errors. The application stands complete after candidates sign and date the form. Job seekers must take the completed application form to a local Kmart store and should personally deliver the materials to the store manager directly, if possible. In the event of a job interview, potential Kmart employees must produce contact information for professional references at that time.

Kmart Entry-Level Positions and Hourly Pay Rates
With numerous entry-level job opportunities in each store, Kmart frequently needs to hire new associates. The retailer offers jobs for part-time workers and full-time associates alike. Applicants may gain access to Kmart jobs with an online job application. Kmart often fills the following in-store positions:

Cashier – A Kmart cashier provides excellent customer service, completes sales transactions at the cash register, and handles customer issues. Employees must work efficiently and accurately to perform well as cashiers. Starting pay for Kmart cashiers typically begins at minimum wage.

Stockroom/Unload associate – A Kmart stockroom associate replenishes and relocates merchandise on and off the sales floor. Essential duties include organizing and maintaining the stockroom, processing freight, and unloading deliveries. A stockroom associate also needs to maintain a clean and organized backroom area. Typically, a Kmart stockroom associate starts out earning between $8 and $10 an hour.

Additional entry-level job opportunities typically found in a Kmart stores include overnight associate, customer greeter, grocery associate, customer concierge, and replenishment associate. Experienced associates may find management jobs with Kmart, such as sales lead, assistant store manager, electronics lead, store manager, and general manager. Corporate positions with Kmart need staffed in IT, human resources, business administration, marketing, supply, and accounting.

Job Benefits Available to Kmart Associates
Dedicated to the needs of associates, Kmart offers a comprehensive benefits program. Eligible employees earn retirement, healthcare, disability, and survivor benefits. For healthcare benefits, qualified associates may choose from several options of medical and dental plans. Benefits available to qualified workers include short-term and long-term disability insurance, optional life insurance, and company paid life insurance. Retirement and financial benefits offered at Kmart include 401(k) retirement plans and associate stock purchase plans. Employee benefits and eligibility may vary by job title, location, and duration with the company. Apply online to learn more about Kmart job benefits.

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  1. paul thomas Apr 22, 2012

    i am looking for a position on the stockteam.


    • Luckner Clermont Sep 23, 2012

      Hi my name is Luckner and I would like a job at Kmart for the Stock team. I would love this job. Please help me. I really need a job in your store. Kmart is the best place to work.


  2. ashley coons Apr 25, 2012

    can you put me in your store if there is a place i am 14 and i love working for people.


  3. celia moreno May 23, 2012

    Hi .my name is celia and am interest on working full timtime in wich ever position am 20 yrs old.. and i really need the job…


  4. Linda Jun 01, 2012

    Hi my name is Linda and i am currently looking for employment i am a great worker and i work good with my hands if i do not get something i am not afraid to ask for help im very teachable


  5. Ellee Harty Jun 01, 2012

    i really need a job for some pocket money as i have some experenice at sea view pre school


  6. nick burgess Jun 27, 2012

    Hi my name is Nick Burgess and im still in high school and currently looking for a job. I listen well and work good with my hands. Ill work part time and be there all the time and help out.


  7. wilner Jul 09, 2012

    hi, my name is wilner. i am looking for a job in any position with kmart. i can help in the warehouse to fix anything you need.


    • gursharanbir kaur Jul 17, 2012

      I want the job. Can you give me the job at Kmart?


  8. Millicent Mays Jul 18, 2012

    Hi I would like a job at Kmart because I’m a people person.


  9. Ellen Welch Jul 18, 2012

    Im Ellen and I am interested in working in your store. I have worked for Kmart before and enjoyed it.


  10. Jeanne Lentz Aug 04, 2012

    I am intersted in working in a Kmart store. I have 11 yrs experience as a cashier and Im very good with people. Part time evenings would be great. Thank you.


  11. Demi Byrne Aug 23, 2012

    Hey guys, sorry to hear but I have been waiting for a job for so long. I put an application in a while ago and they only replied back to me 3 months later!

    But it was worth the wait. I love this job now, it is awesome!!! Kmart is the best place to work.


  12. Tashianna Williams Aug 29, 2012

    When you print this application its only for another country, not the United States. So if anyone has any information on a printable Kmart application for the United States please let me know. Thank you:)


  13. shamarion wade Aug 30, 2012

    I would like to apply for the Stock Market Associate job hiring. When’s the earliest time I can have a proper meeting for an opportunity as aforementioned?


  14. Kendra Otey Sep 10, 2012

    i really need a job and would like to be hired as a part time cashier.


  15. ORLANDO QUINTANILLA Oct 12, 2012

    Hi, my name is Orlando. I would like to apply for assistant store manager, or electronics lead, or cashier; full time or part time, Monday to Friday. I have a family and I really need the job. I have experience. Thank you for your attention. I hope that I get a job.


  16. july.bird Jan 28, 2013

    hi! i would love to work with kmart. they have nice and friendly people. i have experience of 6 years working as a cashier, packing, working as a clerk, full time working at customer service, checking damaged products and helping out the cleaning crew. thank you.


  17. kandace forman Apr 26, 2013

    Hi, my name is kandace, and Im interested in a position as cashier/sales associate. I would love to work with kmart. I have 3 years experience working the register and any other positions there are. Im flexible, I contribute positively, and have constructive energy. Im very multi-tasked, dependable, well organized, and a team player. I have open availability from open to close. Thanks for your time.


  18. enit vazquez May 02, 2013

    I have customer service experience, fitting room attendant, cashier, sales associate. I am bilingual speaking spanish and english.


  19. Leondrae Pruitt Jun 24, 2013

    Hello, my name is Leondrae and I will really appreciate becoming a stockroom/unload associate at K Mart.


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