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Job seekers should submit the Lowe’s application to find hardware store industry jobs.

Find meaningful work and advancement opportunities in a single application form. Apply online with Lowe’s to discover jobs in the hardware store industry.

Workers with experience in the hardware store industry should fill out a Lowe’s online job application. Lowe’s jobs represent a great opportunity for entry-level workers and professional job seekers. Available jobs offer paid training, flexible work schedules, and career advancement potential. Apply online to learn more about employment opportunities with Lowe’s today.

Hiring both full-time and part-time employees, Lowe’s needs to hire motivated and cooperative workers to fill entry-level jobs and full-time positions. Some of the most abundant positions Lowe’s needs to staff include stock associate, customer service clerk, and cashier. Entry-level positions may lead to full-time jobs as shift leaders, delivery drivers, and store managers. Corporate careers in marketing, accounting, consulting, and human resources need filled, as well. Many Lowe’s full-time jobs require applicants with a four-year degree or relevant experience in the hardware store industry.

Complete and submit the Lowe’s job application now to find exciting and advantageous employment in the hardware industry. An online application form only takes minutes to fill out. Apply online to begin the Lowe’s hiring process today.

Lowe’s Entry-Level Positions and Salary Info

A worldwide hardware store chain, Lowe’s hires only the most dedicated and motivated employees. Lowe’s offers many great jobs and employee benefits to hardware store workers. Applicants 18 and over may apply online to find Lowe’s job openings. Lowe’s hires applicants to fill a number of hardware store jobs, including:

Associate – Lowe’s associates must perform a wide range of job duties. Associates must provide exceptional customer service. Lowe’s associates must also stock shelves and organize displays. Most Lowe’s associates specialize in a certain department, such as lawn care, paint, and carpeting. Lowe’s associate pay begins at minimum wage and increases with experience.

Cashier – One of the most common entry-level positions with Lowe’s, cashiers operate cash registers, ring up customers, and handle merchandise returns. Cashiers may also field customer complaints. An ideal candidate must possess adequate math skills, a patient attitude, and a flexible work schedule. Lowe’s cashiers typically start at minimum wage.

Associates seeking additional challenges and benefits with Lowe’s should apply online to staff professional and management positions. Fill out a Lowe’s job application to find numerous hardware store jobs, such as data entry, receiving specialist, and administrative assistant positions. Full-time job seekers may find meaningful work in management or several specialized corporate career fields. Apply online to discover available Lowe’s career opportunities today.

Lowe’s Job Benefits

In addition to an exciting work environment, Lowe’s also offers attractive employee benefits and other job perks. Many entry-level part-time workers enjoy flexible scheduling, paid training, and time off. Advanced workers, such as managers and shift leaders, may access more work benefits, including paid time off and extensive salary options. Qualified Lowe’s employees earn 401(k) retirement plans and insurance packages, including health, vision, and dental coverage. Fill out the Lowe’s online job application to access more information on employment benefits.

Lowe’s Company Information

Lucius S. Lowe opened the first Lowe’s hardware store in North Wilkesboro, NC, in 1921. After Lowe passed the company to his children in 1940, expansion began in earnest. By 1955, Lowe’s operated hardware stores in Asheville, Charlotte, and Durham, NC. In the 1980s, Lowe’s expanded to a warehouse format to compete with other hardware store chains, like The Home Depot. Lowe’s operates one of the largest hardware store chains in North America.

Lowe’s stores specialize in a variety of hardware supplies. Popular departments include lawn and garden, carpet, paint, and tools. Lowe’s serves many customers, from first-time home owners to major construction companies. The retailer offers expert advice on a number of home improvement subjects, as well.

Formally known as Lowe’s Companies Inc., the hardware store retail chain manages over 1,700 locations worldwide. Lowe’s maintains headquarters in Mooresville, NC, and employs over 400,000 store workers and corporate associates. Lowe’s stores generate over $48 billion in annual revenues. A public company, Lowe’s trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the stock symbol LOW.

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  1. William L Fisher Apr 03, 2012

    Desiring to obtain a part-time position working at Lowe’s


  2. Elizabeth Frederick Apr 14, 2012

    Hello im looking for my first part-time job. Please let me know if you have an opening. Thank you for your time.


  3. Jessica Peterson Apr 25, 2012

    Trying to fill out an application.


  4. kenneth opiola May 07, 2012

    hi I’m looking for fulltime employment with your company if you have any positions open in shipping/reciving i have more than 20yrs experience in that field would be willing to fill out application have resume and cover letter. thank you very much.


  5. Patricia Rogers Jun 17, 2012

    Hello, I am looking for part time work at Lowes. I am very dependable. Worked at Delphi/ cm for 35 years


  6. Cheryl Kuehn Jul 01, 2012

    I’m looking for fulltime employment with your company if you have any positions open in customer service I have more than 20 yrs. experience in that field would be willing to fill out application have resume and cover letter. thank you very much for your time and consideration.


  7. c.pagliaro Jul 02, 2012

    Trying to fill out the Lowes app. What is the ssn format?


  8. Earnestine Rose Sep 11, 2012

    I’m trying to fill out an application with Lowes online and the system wont let me. Apparently something is wrong.


  9. ricardo luna Jan 23, 2013

    hello, I am looking for a job at Lowes in the warehouse if there is any openings please let me know as soon as possible..I am willing to work full time at first shift any day available. Thank you.


  10. jerry d. smith Feb 27, 2013

    Need printable version of application. System does not let me follow thru properly. I am retired with 25 years of sales and retail experience in the landscape/seed/bird feed/pet food supply trade. Still in good health living full time in Sarasota Fl 34231, near the Lowe’s store off Tamami Trail, and desiring to work full/part time close to my home. Jerry


  11. katina damon Apr 16, 2013

    The system is not letting me follow through properly. I have ten years in sales and retail experience.


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