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Printable Pizza Hut Application

The Pizza Hut application may help increase employment chances in the food service industry.

Pizza Hut provides a simple, one-page application form for job hopefuls to fill out and return. To start the hiring process, applicants should download the document by clicking the link at the right. The application may then be filled out on the computer or by hand. If completing the form by hand, Pizza Hut applicants should use blue or black pen and print information clearly.

The Pizza Hut job request form includes sections for personal information, education, employment, and personal references. Personal information includes name, social security number, desired position or positions, address, and home phone number. Applicants also need to list whether or not they are 21 years old. If applicable, previous Pizza Hut employees need to fill out questions regarding previously working for Pizza Hut or its subsidiaries. The personal information section concludes with a chart for job searchers to list daily availability.

In the next section, applicants need to list education history. The section incudes space for high school, college, graduate school, and other. When listing schools, applicants need to provide the school name, major, number of years attended, graduation status, and degree.

In the following section of the Pizza Hut job request form, applicants need to list employment history, with most recent jobs first. In the space available, job hunters need to write down the employer name, address, supervisor name, job title, phone number, starting pay, date of employment, and reason for leaving. The employment section provides pace for two companies. If necessary, Pizza Hut job seekers may provide additional employment references by attaching sheet of paper to the document.

In the final section, Pizza Hut looks for personal reference. Applicants should provide the name of the reference, relationship, and contact phone number. As noted on the form, references should not be former employees or relatives. Applicants complete the application by adding a signature and date at the bottom of the document.

Applicants should review the form before dropping it off. Spelling mistakes or incorrect information may tarnish a job hopeful’s chances for employment. If satisfied with the application, an applicant should drop the application off in person at Pizza Hut. If possible, an applicant should ask to speak to a manager. Handing the application to a Pizza Hut manager serves as the best way to ensure hiring consideration from the pizza delivery chain.

Pizza Hut Entry-Level Positions and Salary Info
A worldwide restaurant chain, Pizza Hut regularly hires motivated and dedicated job seekers for a number of employment opportunities. Pizza Hut jobs offer attractive pay scales and exciting advancement opportunities. Applicants may apply online to find Pizza Hut job openings. Pizza Hut needs to hire multiple employees to staff the following positions:

Server – Servers with Pizza Hut mainly work in the dining room. Like many similar restaurants, Pizza Hut servers take food orders and care for customer needs. The ideal candidate for a Pizza Hut server job possesses strong communication skills and a friendly disposition. Most Pizza Hut servers start off at minimum serving wage plus tips.

Driver – As the name implies, Pizza Hut drivers deliver orders to customers at pre-determined locations. The position of Pizza Hut driver requires a clean driving record and the ability to follow a map. Drivers must also display moderate-to-average math skills to gain employment consideration. Many Pizza Hut drivers start out at minimum wage but may earn tips and compensation for travel.

Career professionals should apply online to find full-time Pizza Hut jobs. Find work as a shift leader, head manager, maintenance worker, regional manager, accountant, and information technology specialist. Corporate careers at the Pizza Hut headquarters also provide ample employment opportunities. Apply online to find even more exciting and rewarding jobs with Pizza Hut.

Benefits of Pizza Hut Work
Many entry-level and part-time workers at Pizza Hut gain access to competitive pay scales. Other job benefits available to eligible workers include paid training, flexible scheduling, time off, and a strong possibility for career advancement. Professional employees and corporate associates earn attractive salary options. Pizza Hut may also offer additional job benefits, such as expense accounts and insurance coverage, including health, vision, and dental care.

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