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Complete the SONIC Drive-In application to discover employment options in the fast food industry.

A popular choice among fast food lovers, SONIC Drive-In also represents a popular choice among fast food job hunters. The quick service restaurant chain consistently hires entry-level job searchers and experienced professionals to maintain operations at more than 3,500 locations. Employment hopefuls may access the job application in store or online. The printer icon to the right of the screen provides a direct download of the application form. Click on the image to download the form and then complete and submit the document to receive immediate hiring consideration.

Applicants begin the SONIC Drive-In employment request form by providing name, address, phone number, and social security number on the lines provided. SONIC also wants to know how applicants heard about positions for hire. If currently employed, the fast food chain asks for permission to contact applicants at work. Applicants granting permission must provide the phone number for the business. Workers then mark the type of employment desired and provide the expected start date. The table that follows includes data fields for prospective fast food associates to indicate specific hours available for each day of a given week. Following the availability table, a series of five questions with Yes and No checkboxes ask about eligibility to work in the U.S., any previous work history at SONIC restaurants, ability to contact current employers, and criminal background, if applicable. If an applicant reveals a criminal background, she must provide detailed accounts of any and all infractions on the lines provided. The section closes with a question asking if applicants possess the means to comfortably perform all expected duties of the desired position.

Moving on to the final three segments of the SONIC Drive-In printable application, workers complete sections regarding references, education background, and employment history. Applicants must provide professional references with name, telephone number, and number of years acquainted. The educational background section provides a small table with space to list up to three different institutions attended, addresses, areas of study, years completed, and degrees or diplomas obtained. The next and final section, employment history, asks for the three most recent jobs held by the applicant and pertinent information, such as employer name, supervisor, dates employed, starting and ending pay, and reasons for leaving. A line below the table provides room for SONIC Drive-In applicants to state each job title held and give a brief description of typical responsibilities. Job seekers sign and date the form certifying the truth and accuracy of information to complete the application. Once completed, workers must personally submit the form to a SONIC hiring manager.

Entry-Level Jobs and Salary Information with SONIC Drive-In
Employment with SONIC Drive-In serves as a great way to build a resume in the fast food industry. SONIC jobs offer entry-level associates great base pay and plenty of opportunities for improvement. Most entry-level SONIC employees work part-time hours, or roughly 15 to 30 hours per week. Entry-level job titles typically require a great deal of customer interaction. Applicants with sound communications skills generally fare well during SONIC Drive-In interviews. Available SONIC drive-in jobs:

Roller Server – SONIC roller servers spend the majority of work shifts on roller skates and take food and drink orders out to cars. Servers must possess excellent coordination and feel comfortable on skates in order to handle the physical requirements associated with the job. New-hire servers with SONIC Drive-In often start out making close to minimum wage. Servers may also accept gratuities for great service.

Restaurant Worker – Cashiers and cooks with SONIC Drive-In spend the majority of each work shift inside the restaurant. Cashiers perform transactions with customers at the drive-thru window. Cooks with SONIC prepare meals and clean work stations. SONIC Drive-In cooks and crew members prepare ingredients, operate grills and fryers, and often perform many of the cleanup duties when the store opens and closes.

Experienced fast food workers and job seekers looking for more professional positions may find opportunities with SONIC Drive-In. Career opportunities with SONIC include supervisor, shift manager, store manager, and even franchise owner positions. SONIC managers often perform many of the same duties as regular fast food associates; however, management workers must also oversee operations and communicate with SONIC Drive-In corporate offices. Contact SONIC for more information on available positions and employment requirements.

SONIC Drive-In Work Benefits
A national company, SONIC Drive-In offers a great deal of job benefits to employees at every level. SONIC grants employee benefits to workers based on experience with the company, job title, and employment status. For example, many part-time associates may access time off and restaurant discounts; however, these workers often may not access 401(k) plans or insurance options. Healthcare packages and other more expansive employment benefits typically go to full-time workers, most often in management positions. Consult with a SONIC hiring manager during the interview process to see what work benefits you qualify for.

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