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Printable Toys R Us Application

Retail job hopefuls should fill out the Toys R Us application.

Toys R Us offers a four-page application covering personal information, education history, and work experience. Applicants may start the application process by downloading and printing the form using the printer icon to the right of the screen. Toys R Us suggests that applicants write clearly and use black ink. Job hopefuls need to complete the form fully, but if an asterisk appears, applicants may omit information that does not apply.

The Toys R Us job request form begins with simple questions regarding position applied for, daily availability, preferred shifts, and previous retail experience. Next, applicants need to fill out a comprehensive “About You” section. The section first asks for basic information, such as name, address, and home and mobile telephone numbers. Following the first section, Toys R Us poses a series of yes-or-no questions for applicants to check off. The questions cover eligibility to work, transportation reliability, driver’s license status, relatives working for Toys R Us, and criminal convictions.

The next section asks about education history. In the boxes provided, applicants need to detail the names and addresses of schools and universities attended, grades, and dates attended. Toys R Us also leaves ample room for applicants to detail training and courses that offer skills relevant to the job.

The final section of the application inquires about work experience. Applicants should start with most recent employers and then work backwards citing all relevant experience. The section first asks for employer information, such as employer name, supervisor name and title, address, and phone number. Next, the section looks for employee information, including job title, final salary, and reason for leaving. The section concludes with questions covering previous dismissal and history applying for or working at Toys R Us.

To complete the article, Toys R Us applicants need to read a brief employment statement and then sign and date the form. After that, applicants should check all answers given to ensure quality and clarity. Once satisfied with the document, an applicant may hand in the completed application to a location to receive hiring consideration. For the best chances at an interview, job hunters should ask to speak to managers when handing in applications.

Entry-Level Toys R Us Jobs and Salary Information
Applicants 16 and older may apply online for positions at Toys R Us stores. The international toy store chain offers both part-time and full-time jobs. Available work includes entry-level positions and professional careers. Toys R Us must hire workers to staff the following entry-level job titles:

Store Associate – The most basic position available at Toys R Us, store associates provide customer service. Additional job duties include operating cash registers, organizing displays, and answering questions about merchandise, services, policy, and pricing. Individuals with the ability to work flexible schedules may gain preferential treatment during the Toys R Us hiring process. Pay starts around minimum wage for store associates and ranges up to $9 an hour.

Sales Associate – Toys R Us sales associates also provide customer service. Primary job duties include answering questions about merchandise, services, and policy. Toys R Us generally hires friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive workers to fill sales associate jobs. Most sales associate receive minimum wage starting pay, depending on experience and location.

Toys R Us offers a wide selection of employment opportunities. In addition to entry-level jobs, Toys R Us also provides full-time job seekers careers in management, IT, marketing, accounting, human resources, logistics, distribution, and legal. Careers available include human resources department supervisor, store receiving specialist, housekeeping team member, department manager, assistant manager, and store manager. Toys R Us careers typically require applicants to hold a four-year degree or additional training in a related field. Apply online to discover more information on available Toys R Us career options and job qualifications.

Toys R Us Job Benefits
A worldwide toy retailer, Toys R Us cares for employees and offers competitive base pay, lucrative salary options, and work benefits packages. Qualified employees receive medical, dental, and vision care plans, 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off, and employee assistance programs. All workers receive discounts on merchandise and complimentary name tags and uniforms. Begin the Toys R Us hiring process to find more details on employee benefits and work environment.

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