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Printable Walmart Application

Fill out the Walmart application and discover meaningful employment in the department store industry.

One of the largest employers in the world, Walmart maintains a simple job application form consisting of five sections on a single page. Job hunters may download and print out the Walmart application for employment by clicking on the specified link located at the right side of the page and denoted by the icon of a printer. Prospective employees should print as neatly as possible when filling out the application form, which starts with personal information. Applicants need to provide first and last names, address, phone number, and email. Candidates must also disclose any previous employment at Walmart or Sam’s Club.

The next sections of the job application cover the position desired and schedule availability. Walmart requires applicants to specify the job title being applied for and to indicate a preference for full-time, peak-time, or seasonal employment. After setting a realistic start date, job seekers must then complete a table with spaces to write in the range of hours available for work each day. Candidates demonstrating flexible or open schedule availability tend to receive hiring consideration for an array of Walmart jobs.

Walmart concludes the application form with sections for education and references. Straightforward and brief, the education section simply asks job searchers to mark the highest level of schooling completed and to describe the type of certification or diploma received, if applicable. Walmart then requires prospective store associates to furnish contact information for two references. The application contains explicit instructions for candidates to use only recent managers or supervisors as references. Other authority figures, such as coaches, organization leaders, and teachers, generally make ideal references for applicants lacking an established history of employment.

Directly following the reference section, the job application includes a closing statement affirming the accuracy of the information presented, granting Walmart permission to verify applicant backgrounds, and establishing the first three months of employment as probationary. Candidates must sign the designated line below the statement in order to stand officially eligible for hire. After examining the document for errors and readability, job hopefuls need to take the application directly to a local Walmart store and leave the form with the human resources or personnel manager specifically.

Walmart Entry-Level Employment and Salary Info
Applicants seeking department store jobs should apply online with Walmart. The international retailer hires workers 16 and older to staff store-level jobs. Work available includes both entry-level jobs and professional careers. Hiring regularly takes place for the following Walmart jobs:

Greeter – Walmart greeters welcome customers to the store. Additional job duties include offering carts and answering questions about products, services, and policy. Greeter jobs require no real experience to earn employment consideration. Walmart greeters must possess friendly and courteous attitudes. Pay starts at minimum wage for greeters and ranges up to $10 an hour, depending on location.

Cashier – Individuals with exceptional customer service skills should apply online to find Walmart cashier jobs. Primary job duties of Walmart cashiers include operating cash registers and answering questions about products, services, and policy. Cashiers handle returns and ring up purchases. Walmart may require applicants to meet certain qualifications to gain employment consideration. Walmart cashiers receive minimum wage starting pay. Associates earn more with experience.

Career opportunities include several other entry-level job titles, such as store associate, customer service representative, and stock associate. Additional job opportunities available include pharmacy technician, pharmacist, automotive technician, photo sales associate, beauty sales associate, and optometrist as well as assistant store manager and store manager positions. Walmart corporate careers also provide full-time job seekers opportunities for meaningful work in the department store industry.

Benefits at Walmart
In addition to great pay for new-hire workers and exceptional salary options for career professionals, Walmart provides a supportive work environment conducive to advancement and growth. Walmart also offers qualified workers employee benefits. Depending on the job title, eligible associates receive medical coverage, 401(k) retirement plans, associate stock purchase plans, and discounts on merchandise, entertainment, and travel. Apply online to find more information on Walmart employment benefits and job opportunities.

Walmart Company Information
Walmart began in Rogers, AR, in 1962 as a chain of discount department stores. In 1969, Walmart incorporated to create Wal-Mart Stores Inc. By the late-1970s, Walmart managed more than 275 stores nationwide. In 1983, the department store company opened a membership-only chain of warehouse retailers called Sam’s Club. The company continued to grow throughout the 1980s and eventually expanded internationally in 1991.

Unlike other department stores, Walmart manages large warehouse-style locations. Walmart shoppers enjoy discounted merchandise at wholesale value on products ranging from lawn and garden tools and supplies to home furnishing items, groceries, and electronics. Many Walmart stores offer pharmacies, vision care centers, photo labs, and auto tech centers. Customers may shop online for Walmart products and merchandise, as well.

As a major multinational corporation, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. operates publicly and trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the stock symbol WMT. Walmart employs millions of entry-level associates and career professionals in nearly 20 countries and stands as one of the largest public companies in the world. Along with Sam’s Club, Walmart stores generate over $400 billion in annual revenues. Walmart maintains headquarters in Bentonville, AR.

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