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Printable Wendys Application

Complete the Wendy’s application to discover employment options in the fast food industry

One of the largest fast food chains in the world, Wendy’s needs to hire for part-time and full-time jobs with regularity. The international hamburger chain conducts hiring using both online and paper applications. Job seekers may download a printable version of the application form by clicking on the printer icon to the right of the screen. Divided into two pages, the printable employment form asks for specific and general information regarding education, employment, military service, legal history, references, and personal contact information. The final page of the application also includes a waiver and statement of applicant rights. Complete the Wendy’s job form in a legible script with blue or black ink to ensure quality.

Applicants begin the Wendy’s job request form by providing contact information. Additional information required in the section includes social security number, position desired, dates available to start, and type of work sought after, i.e. part-time, full-time, temporary. Below the personal information section sits a table for applicants to enter in daily availability. The application also asks if applicants stand willing to relocate for work, if under the age of 18, and whether applicants stand willing to travel for the job. A final questions asks how applicants heard about the job opening.

Following the personal information sections of the application, the Wendy’s downloadable employment form moves on to education history and military service. In the Education section, workers must provide information about experiences in high school, college, graduate school, vocational school, or trade school. Fill out only the data fields applicable to personal experience. Include names, addresses, areas of study, years attended, and then check the appropriate box as graduated or not yet graduated (Yes or No). The military service section of the application proves necessary only for prospective Wendy’s workers with background in the armed forces. If applicable, write down branch served, specialization, and rank.

The Wendy’s printable application then moves on to a section covering legal consent and criminal history. In the boxes and lines provided, Wendy’s job seekers must divulge citizenship and legal ability to work in the U.S., history of discharge from a previous job, reasons for the discharge, if applicable, prior convictions or arrests for violations other than minor traffic infractions, and, if answered yes, details surrounding the arrests of convictions.

Finishing up the application, Wendy’s job hopefuls must provide information regarding past employers and professional references. The application form offers room for up to four previous jobs. Begin with the most recent position and include employer name, address, phone number, job title, supervisor name, responsibilities, starting and ending pay, and reason for leaving. Following the table provided, the fast food chain asks if applicants possess any experience working for Wendy’s in any capacity. Workers with previous experience at Wendy’s must then provide store locations, dates employed, reasons for leaving, positions held, and supervisors names.

The professional references portion provides space for three references, including names, addresses, occupations, years known, and work phone numbers. A brief statement disclosing the rights of applicants follows the professional references section. The application closes with lines for workers to sign and date the document certifying the information provided. Drop the signed form off at Wendy’s of choice to enter the hiring pool. Personally submitting the application often increases odds of employment with Wendy’s.

Wendy’s Entry-Level Positions and Salary Information

As one of the biggest fast food restaurants in the world, Wendy’s regularly hires confident and personable employees to fill a number of jobs. Wendy’s jobs offer great opportunities and a surprising number of employment benefits for eligible workers. Applicants 16 and over may apply online to find available Wendy’s openings. Some of the most common positions Wendy’s needs to staff include:

Crew Member – Wendy’s crew members must perform a wide variety of duties. At part-time and full-time jobs, crew members clean work stations and perform cashier, cook, customer service, and maintenance duties. Ideal candidates exhibit excellent communication skills, positive attitudes, and the ability to perform tasks effectively and continuously. Many Wendy’s crew members start at minimum wage.

Cashier – Wendy’s cashiers care for customers. Cashiers take food orders, handle money, and provide service. Wendy’s cashiers perform additional job duties, such as food prep and maintenance. Like many other jobs at Wendy’s, the ideal cashier candidate must possess a positive attitude and good communication skills. As an entry-level job, many cashiers with Wendy’s start at minimum wage.

Wendy’s applicants seeking more challenging work may apply online to discover advanced professional and corporate positions. Find work as a shift leader, regional manager, delivery driver, and loss prevention specialist. Apply online today to find fast food jobs with great pay and employee benefits. Complete and submit the online application form to garner Wendy’s hiring consideration today.

Wendy’s Employment Benefits

Wendy’s offers a wide range of job benefits to qualified employees. Work benefit eligibility relies heavily on the position and amount of experience in the industry. Wendy’s entry-level workers enjoy competitive pay scales, paid training, and flexible scheduling. Many professional and corporate associates earn attractive salary options. Additionally, experienced Wendy’s associates may access extensive insurance coverage, including health, dental, and vision care. Apply online with Wendy’s to uncover even more information about job benefits available to employees.

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  1. lykeisha bell Apr 19, 2012

    hello im just writting you this note is because i want to work with you cause im a very had worker and love to get things done.


  2. Monique Fisher Apr 24, 2012

    I am very much interested in your crew member position or open. I am available to start as soon as possible and weekends will not be a problem.
    Look forward to hearing from you

    Best Regards
    Monique Fisher


  3. jonathan culpepper Apr 26, 2012

    i really need a job


  4. damin williams Apr 30, 2012

    i am a part time student very hard worker and love to work and a very fridenly person please email me very soon


  5. marie banda Apr 30, 2012

    i need a job asap


  6. lillie rainey Apr 30, 2012

    i love wendys food and the servis thats why i would like to work there. plus they are hard at wat they do


  7. Quinnyna May 09, 2012

    i am a teen looking for work while i attend high school


  8. Inesha May 21, 2012

    Hello, my name is Inesha and I am looking for a part-time job.


  9. Kathleen Harman May 27, 2012

    I have 5 years experience in a small fast food chain. I am looking for a job in the same field that has health care coverage. I have a good work ethic and always give 100 per cent to what ever job I am doing. I believe I would be an employee that would benefit your company.


  10. krystal Jun 02, 2012

    Hi, my name is krystal. I really need a job. Im a person that likes to work hard and I like get to know people. Im looking forward to work with Wendys and I have 2 years experience in cleaning and as a stylist. Please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you =)


  11. Jasmine Hernandez Jun 08, 2012

    i could really use a job right now because i need one even though i’m still studying very hard in my highschool.


  12. nichelle Jul 03, 2012

    I have manager experience for 3 years and customer service for 3 years also. I’m a hard worker and a fast learner. I would love to be on the Wendy’s team.


  13. stephanie hunter Jul 12, 2012

    I would like to work for Wendys because I am in need of a job. I am a very hard worker.


  14. Andrea Gardner Jul 27, 2012

    I would love to have a chance to work at Wendy’s because I have a son that I need to take care of and I thought this would be a good start for me. Im 16 going on 17 this year. I just need the money so I can help support my son. I am a good listener, hard worker and Im very determined in my work. I cant say Im the best but I can say Ill do my best and wont give up if things get too hard. Thank you


  15. Daviid Sep 03, 2012

    Can I be both a cashier and a crew member at Wendys?


  16. Stephanie longo Sep 19, 2012

    Hello. My name is Stephanie and I am looking for a part time job. I am still attending high school. I am 16 years of age going to turn 17 next february. I am a very good listener and a very good worker and I am also an A and B average student. Thank you.


  17. Betty joJohnson Feb 11, 2013

    Hi, my name is Betty. I am interested in working at Wendys please. I would be punctual. I promise I would give the customers and everybody respect. I would get along with everybody. I would do anything that needs to be done. I would get the job done.


  18. alice smith Jul 15, 2013

    Hi, my name is Alice and I am very interested in working with Wendys. I love customer service. I am very friendly and enjoy learning more.


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