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Complete the IHOP application to discover employment options in the restaurant industry.

Popular restaurant chain IHOP conducts hiring on a regular basis for part-time and full-time jobs. Applicants in search of work with International House of Pancakes must fill out applications to receive hiring consideration. The breakfast-specialty restaurant offers prospective associates online application options as well as paper applications in physical and downloadable PDF formats. To access the downloadable version of the application, click on the printer icon to the right of the screen. Once the application downloads, fill out the document truthfully and honestly and return the form to a desired location.

The IHOP hiring form includes two pages applicants must fill out to completion to qualify for employment. The first page begins with a section for contact information, such as name, address, Social Security Number, telephone, and position or positions desired. Workers must also indicate any person or persons referring the position. The next section asks if applicants stand at least 18 years of age, hold previous work experiences with the chain in any capacity, and possess legal authorization to work in the United States. Job seekers then set potential start dates and list salary or hourly pay rates desired. The section also asks applicants to check Yes or No in regards to meeting the attendance requirements of desired jobs. The second section closes by inquiring about any criminal history. Applicants with criminal histories other than minor traffic violations must explain the circumstances of each offense in the spaces provided. If necessary, applicants may attach additional pages to the application form in order to further explain any section on the document.

Moving forward, the next four sections include large tables applicants must fill out completely or to the best of known abilities. IHOP provides tables for availability, which feature spaces for applicants to enter the exact number of hours available by day; employment history, including the three most recent jobs held; education history, including both high school and post-secondary education; and professional references. The employment history section requires information like specific job titles, names of supervisors, phone numbers, and addresses. In the education section of the printable application form, workers must include the names of institutions attended, dates of enrollment, current graduation statuses, and the types of coursework studied.

The last section, Professional References, asks for the names of three non-family members, corresponding telephone numbers, relationships to the applicant, and number of years known. Upon completing the final section, prospective IHOP associates should review the form for any glaring errors or mistakes made. After proofreading, job seekers must sign and date the form in the space provided to verify the information stands as accurate and truthful as possible. Potential workers then submit the completed form to hiring managers at desired locations.

Entry-Level Jobs and Salary Info with IHOP
Employment in the restaurant industry serves as an ideal way to begin work as a professional. IHOP offers competitive base pay and advancement opportunities into managerial roles. Applicants seeking first-time jobs should fill out the job application for more details on available entry-level positions. The popular restaurant chain offers several entry-level job opportunities. Applicants may apply for host and hostess jobs, server positions, and work in the kitchen. Job opportunities regularly include:

Host – IHOP hosts greet and seat guests. Hosts and hostesses may need to stand on foot for long periods of time and constantly engage patrons. Communication skills and personable attitudes remain highly sought after during the hiring process. Hosts generally earn starting pay around minimum wage. Average pay depends upon experience and time spent with the restaurant.

Server – Servers take food and drink orders, deliver food and drinks to tables, and cater to patron requests. Waiters and waitresses generally earn between $3.00 and $5.00 an hour before tips. Tips often make up a substantial portion of server salary options. Quick, dependable, and friendly individuals represent ideal fits.

Kitchen Worker – IHOP kitchen jobs include cook, line cook, prep cook, and dishwasher positions. Cooks, including prep cooks and line cooks, prepare meals and clean work stations. Dishwashers clean, wash, and dry used dishes and utensils. Additional job duties may include unloading supply shipments and taking inventory. Pay scales typically begin around minimum wage for entry-level kitchen jobs. Kitchen workers earn much higher wages with experience in the restaurant industry.

Management opportunities provide career seekers viable employment opportunities, as well. Applicants seeking full-time positions may apply for supervisory roles overseeing daily operations and staff. The restaurant chain regularly hires workers 18 and over with experience in the industry to fill careers in management. Paid training opportunities make managerial jobs easily accessible and provide access to outstanding employment benefits packages. IHOP also needs motivated workers for corporate careers in accounting, marketing, IT, and human resources. Most careers in the company corporate offices require at least a four-year degree and some relevant work experience.

IHOP Work Benefits
IHOP places great value on employees and offers extensive job benefits packages to qualified restaurant associates. In addition to generous salary rates, eligible workers enjoy paid time off, healthcare coverage, 401(k) retirement plans, life insurance options, and meal discounts. Paid training programs and career development opportunities also provide employees with rewarding and caring work environments.

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