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Printable Kfc Application

The printable KFC application provides instant access to fun and exciting employment in the fast food industry.

One of the most popular fast food chains in the world, Kentucky Fried Chicken offers aspiring job seekers thousands of employment opportunities in various capacities. To begin the hiring process for entry-level jobs, prospective associates must fill out official application forms or receive referrals from current employees. Most potential hires gain employment by submitting the required hiring forms to desired locations. The application remains available online or in downloadable PDF formats. Applicants may access the downloadable PDF version of the employment form by clicking on the printer icon located to the right of the screen.

A two-page form, the KFC printable application takes around 20 to 30 minutes to complete effectively. Workers encounter several traditional sections on the application form, including prompts asking for contact information, Social Security Numbers, age verification, legal right to work in the U.S., and primary phone numbers. The document also asks job hopefuls to indicate positions desired, part-time or full-time desired work status, and any histories working for Yum! Brand Inc. establishments. Fast food industry aspirants must also fill out detailed charts providing space for day-by-day availability. The first page of the form concludes with data fields reserved for detailed accounts of past employers, including business names, addresses, supervisors, start and end dates, reasons for leaving, and final pay rates.

To close out the application form, aspiring workers must provide a single personal reference and then sign off on legal disclosures. Questions regarding criminal histories sit at the top of the second page and delve into prior misdemeanor and/or felony convictions. Job seekers in certain states may not need to legally answer questions regarding pending misdemeanor charges. Read the document carefully to ensure the accurate provision of information. The final portion of the form includes a brief statement about the terms and conditions of the application and specific penalties used against workers providing false or tampered data. Sign and date the form and submit the document to a nearby KFC for full consideration. Employment hopefuls should only use blue or black ink.

KFC Entry-level Jobs and Salary Info
The minimum hiring age for employment consideration falls around 16 for entry-level KFC jobs. The international fried chicken restaurant chain continually needs to hire on new help to combat employee turnover and expansion, as new locations open worldwide. Kindness, efficiency, and dedication represent the general characteristics sought after by hiring managers, regardless of position. Applicants may choose from rewarding part-time and full-time careers. The most common job titles sit listed below:

Team Member – Primary job duties revolve around manning drive-thru windows and sales counters, operating cash registers, processing transactions, preparing food, cleaning and sanitizing work stations and dining areas, taking customer orders, and explaining menu items and services. The fast-paced job title requires attention to detail and courteous attitudes. Workers need no real experience to assume KFC team member roles. Most team members start out as part-time associates earning minimum wage.

Management – Experienced and motivated individuals may find work as managers. Specific positions available include shift supervisor, assistant manager, and general manager. Shift supervisor represents the most accessible managerial opportunity, while assistant manager and general manager positions often require additional training and years of service with the fast food chain. Applicants must stand at least 18 to assume Kentucky Fried Chicken managerial careers, as well. Responsibilities include hiring and training new staff members, setting employee schedules, tracking inventory, reporting sales gains/losses, motivating workers, ordering supplies, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Managers may work part-time or full-time; however, hours often depend on experience and seniority. Shift supervisors start out at $8.00 or $9.00 an hour, while general managers may make in excess of $60,000 annual salary.

Career opportunities in the company corporate headquarters located in Louisville, KY, offer even more viable options for dedicated and professional job aspirants to find meaningful work. Full-time jobs featuring outstanding salary options and employee benefits packages remain available in product development, IT, human resources, logistics, accounting, marketing, and general administration. Most of the positions offered through the world headquarters require four-year degrees and highly specialized employment backgrounds and/or training.

KFC Work Benefits
Free or discounted meals represent the most widely accessible job benefits provided to current employees. Each team member and manager receives a complimentary uniform and nametag, as well. Paid training and opportunities for advancement round out entry-level employment benefits, while eligible full-time staff enjoy health insurance, dental insurance, flexible spending accounts, paid time off, 401(k) retirement plans, education assistance, stock options, performance bonus opportunities, and life insurance. Rules regarding free or discounted meals may vary franchise to franchise.

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