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Printable Kohl's Application

Complete the printable Kohl’s application to discover exciting department store jobs.

Kohl’s offers a simple, two-page application form. The hiring document takes only a few minutes to complete and exists as a downloadable form accessible using the printer icon to the right of the screen. After downloading the application, job seekers may print the form or complete the document on the computer. If filling out the application by hand, job hopefuls should write clearly and use only black or blue ink. Before starting, applicants should look over the form to see the information Kohl’s requires and prepare required information to expedite the process.

The application begins with fields for basic personal information, such as name, address, home number, and cell number. Next, the document asks for the position desired and dates available to work. Then, the Kohl’s application form provides a table where applicants need to fill out availability for each day of the week. The form needs applicants to check off full-time or part-time desires for work. After indicating employment status preferences, candidates face a series of pre-screening questions covering past employment with Kohl’s, legal ability to work in the United States, relatives employed, and current age.

For the next portion of the application, Kohl’s inquires about employment history. In the table provided, applicants need to list four current and previous employers. Data required includes company names and addresses, starting and ending dates, supervisor names, starting and ending pay rates, and reasons for leaving. The application also asks prospective workers to explain periods of unemployment by listing durations of unemployment and reasons.

The second page of the Kohl’s application covers criminal history and provides disclaimer and waiver information job hunters must read and sign off on. After signing the application, aspiring associates should review the documents to ensure quality. When ready, prospective employees should take completed applications to the desired storefronts and give the forms to managers or send the hiring materials to the appropriate personnel via email.

Entry-Level Jobs and Salary Info with Kohl’s
Offering a wide selection of entry-level job titles, Kohl’s presents young professionals and inexperienced workers ideal ways to build resumes and gain valuable retail experience. Entry-level jobs available include store associate positions, such as cashier, footwear sales associate, customer service associate, and home collections sales associate. Pay often begins at minimum wage; however, experience may lead to increases in salary options and more desirable hours.

Store Associate – Entry-level job duties vary by position. Regardless of assigned department, store associate priorities involve customer service. Additional responsibilities may include operating cash registers, stocking shelves, arranging displays, answering telephones, and answering questions about merchandise and services. Kohl’s offers entry-level employment opportunities in part-time and full-time capacities. Applicants generally work between 20 and 40 hours per week as entry-level employees. Holidays and busy sales seasons may require associates to work longer hours, evenings, and/or weekends as needed. Some positions may also require manual labor or working on foot for long periods of time. Ideal candidates exude friendly and personable demeanors. The ability to comfortably lift heavy objects may benefit applicants seeking stock and other labor-intensive jobs.

In addition to entry-level work, Kohl’s provides career seekers with full-time employment options. Opportunities available include loss prevention jobs, store planner positions, and managerial roles. Many full-time positions carry minimum age requirements of 18 years old. Previous job-related experience may prove necessary. The department store also offers corporate careers in IT, accounting, marketing, and human resources. Corporate careers generally require applicants to hold experience in the retail industry and four-year degrees.

In some states, Kohl’s locations and local governments allow individuals under the age of 16 to work for the department store chain. Applicants under 16 must obtain special work permits in order to gain employment. Certain stipulations regarding shift lengths and total work hours in a week may apply.

Kohl’s Work Benefits
A department store chain like Kohl’s manages thousands of employees nationwide. In an effort to provide associates with exceptional working conditions, the popular retailer offers employment benefits packages. Workers meeting eligibility requirements enjoy medical, dental, and vision care plans, paid time off, 401(k) retirement plans, group legal plans, and discounts on store merchandise and services. Life insurance options also exist for qualified associates.

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