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Printable Marshalls Application

Complete the Marshalls application to discover employment options in the department store industry.

Marshalls conducts regular hiring across a network of roughly 950 stores throughout the United States. In order to qualify for employment, job seekers must submit official application forms. Available in both online and downloadable PDF formats, the application form features sections for contact information, employment history, skills and qualifications, references, and criminal history. Parent company TJX Companies issues the same downloadable application form for all brands under the corporate umbrella.

Contact information serves as the first section on the application. Workers must provide detailed information, such as names, addresses, and phone numbers. The application then asks applicants to check Yes or No in regards to previous employment with Marshalls or another TJX brand. If applicable, provide the store name. Candidates must also indicate any relatives with experience working for TJX Companies. Next, prospective department store employees denote specific methods of hearing about positions desired, verify age as over 18, and indicate legal eligibility to work in the U.S.

The next section on the Marshalls downloadable application covers the position or positions desired. List the specific preferred job titles on the line provided, followed by expected start date, hours available to work each week, and type of work sought, e.g. part-time, full-time, regular, or temporary. Next to the data fields sits a box allowing workers to enter in availability for each day of the week. To finish out the section, the prominent chain of stores inquires about applicant willingness to relocate or travel as part of the desired job.

Marshalls applicants then move on to the section titled Experience, where potential workers provide detailed information about past jobs. The portion includes data fields for up to four previous employers. Workers need to list the names of previous employers, contact information, brief descriptions of positions held, reasons for leaving, names of supervisors, dates employed, and starting and ending salary/hourly pay.

Following the Experience section, applicants fill out information for education, skill sets, and references. The Education section includes data fields for both high school and college histories. Provide names of institutions, grades completed, graduation status, and degree or diploma received. Below the section for education information, Marshalls provides a number of checkboxes for applicants to divulge special or relevant skills to desired job titles. Beneath the checkboxes, workers may list any special training or experiences beneficial to performing the responsibilities of each potential job.

References and Security sections round out the job request form. Applicants may provide up to three references of no familial relation, including names, telephone numbers, and addresses. Job seekers must indicate whether Marshalls managers may contact the references listed. If not, applicants must explain why on the line provided. The Security section of the application asks for criminal history dating back seven years. Applicants possessing criminal histories other than minor traffic violations must provide explanations for offenses. The final question in the Security section asks whether applicants ever took or stole merchandise or property on-the-job or in general. If yes, applicants must divulge why. Before certifying the form with a signature agreeing to terms, applicants should ensure information stands as correct as possible. Upon reviewing the application, sign and date the document and submit the form to a desired Marshalls department store.

Marshalls Entry-Level Positions and Salary Information
Job hopefuls lacking previous job experience may take interest in Marshalls jobs. Hiring managers with the department store chain often prefer young workers looking to gain experience in the retail industry. In most areas, the retailer hires workers 16 and older. When starting out, entry-level personnel generally earn pay near minimum wage. Pay typically increases with experience. Available department store jobs include:

Sales Associate – Marshalls mainly hires sales associates to fill in-store positions. Sales associates primarily provide customer care, such as assisting with merchandise selections and answering questions. Additionally, sales associates walk the sales floor and maintain organized and cleanly store environments. Sales associates may also perform stocking duties, including unloading deliveries, tagging items, and putting items onto the sales floor. On average, sales associates earn between $9.00 and $12.00 an hour.

Other entry-level positions typically hire for include cashier, fitting room attendant, and merchandise associate jobs. Cashiers complete transactions on cash registers. Typical duties include processing payments, issuing receipts, processing returns, and signing up customers for company charge cards. Cashiers make roughly $9.00 per hour at start. Fitting room attendants guide customers to fitting rooms and provide general assistance, with pay scales generally falling between $8.50 and $11.00 per hour. Marshalls merchandise associates return items to proper locations, check prices, and answer phone calls. On average, merchandise associates receive hourly pay between $9.00 and $11.00.

Experienced workers may take interest in advanced positions. Associates with drive and strong customer service skills regularly assume managerial jobs, such as assistant store manager and store manager positions. Professional associates may find career opportunities in the company corporate offices. Corporate careers exist in accounting, merchandising, marketing, business development, human resources, IT, and logistics.

Employee Benefits with Marshalls
Marshalls offers a wide range of employment benefits to eligible store associates. Qualified employees earn future savings job benefits, such as 401(k) retirement plans, short-term and long-term life insurance coverage, and disability coverage. Eligible workers also receive health benefits, such as medical and dental coverage and flexible spending accounts. Additional work benefits may include paid time off and store discounts. Employee benefits programs and eligibility requirements may vary by location.

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