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Printable Mcdonalds Application

Fill out the printable McDonald’s application to uncover exciting fast food jobs.

The McDonalds hiring process begins with filling out an application. Job seekers must fill out and submit paper applications in person. A two-page document, the paper application remains simple and easy to complete, with most of the information limited to one page. To get the hiring process started, applicants need to download applications by clicking on the printer icon to the right of the screen. Workers should then look over the information to see what qualities the international fast food chain prefers in new employees.

The first page of the application includes sections for personal information, availability, and employment history as well as school and military service. Personal information ranges from home and cell phone numbers to home addresses, emails, and Social Security numbers. Under the availability portion, applicants need to list the total number of hours available to work a week and indicate eligibility to legally work in the U.S.

After the personal information and availability sections, the McDonalds printable job application provides room for employment history. With space for three past employers, the hamburger chain asks for company names, addresses, phone numbers, job titles, dates worked, supervisors, rates of pay, and reasons for leaving. If applicable, applicants should also list volunteer work or personal references.

In the next section of the application form, workers need to list education backgrounds beginning with the most recent schools attended. The section looks for school names, addresses, teacher or counselor references, last grades completed, grade-point averages, and graduation statuses. If applicable, job hopefuls should list U.S. Military service, which includes branches, dates enrolled, dates discharged, and highest ranks. Applicants may also list any service-related skills or experiences benefiting civilian employment.

The second page of the application includes pertinent information for aspirants to read through. In the first portion, applicants find detailed rights regarding the divulgence of criminal history. The form moves on to ask about criminal violations dating back five years. Depending on personal residence, candidates in certain states may forgo the question. McDonalds applicants need to read through an associate agreement clause and sign the final page of the documents to certify the forms.

After completing the application, prospective employees should carefully look over the documents for spelling errors or unclear writing. If any mistakes arise, an applicant should print and fill out a new application form. When happy with the information provided, fast food employment seekers may drop off the applications at a local or desired restaurant. Job seekers should personally hand in applications to managers on duty to improve hiring chances with the popular chain.

McDonalds Entry-Level Positions and Salary Information
Applicants 16 and older may apply online for McDonalds jobs. After completing job applications, interested job hopefuls must submit required hiring materials. The world-renowned restaurant chain generally hires workers with little-to-no experience and sets the minimum hiring age at 16 in most areas. Employment remains abundant in the following fields:

Cashier – Cashiers operate cash registers and provide customer service. Primary job duties include handling money, taking food orders, and answering questions about menu items and policies. Cashiers may also assume food prep and sanitation responsibilities, as needed. McDonalds regularly hires energetic, friendly, and courteous individuals to fill cashier jobs. Pay begins at minimum wage and ranges up to $9.00 an hour for more experienced workers.

Crew Member – The most basic entry-level positions available with the fast food chain, crew member jobs involve greeting customers, preparing food, cleaning work stations, operating drive-thru windows, and answering questions about menus and services. Crew members generally need no real experience for employment consideration. However, energetic and self-starting applicants may fair better during the McDonalds hiring process. Pay scales typically begin at minimum wage and increase with experience and promotion into supervisory roles.

In addition to crew member and cashier jobs, McDonald’s offers many other career opportunities, including shift manager, drive-thru cashier, closer, coffee specialist, lot & lobby person, McCafe crew member, part-time maintenance worker, order-taking associate, shift leader, supervisor, swing manager, zone manager, and general restaurant manager. Inspired fast food workers may also take interest in the company corporate offices in Oak Brook, IL. Career opportunities regularly offer annual salary pay and employment benefits packages.

Benefits of Work at McDonalds
McDonalds treats employees to a wide range of job benefits. After completing the hiring process, new-hire workers receive complimentary uniforms and nametags. All associates receive discounts on food and drink, as well. Aside from competitive pay, qualified workers enjoy medical insurance plans, 401(k) retirement plans, employee profit sharing, vacation pay, paid sabbaticals, bonus incentives, and recognitions programs.

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