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The Old Navy application helps retail job seekers find meaningful employment with a major national chain.

Part of the Gap Inc. family of brands, Old Navy offers thousands of employment opportunities to interested retail job seekers throughout North America. To simplify the application process, Gap Inc. provides a single job application form for all brands falling under the corporate umbrella. Job seekers may access downloadable versions of the application by clicking on the printer logo to the right-hand side of the screen. Prospective associates may then print out the downloadable document to complete by hand and submit the forms preferred locations.

Broken down into nine sections, the form begins with General Information. Here, Old Navy applicants provide a variety of information, including names, addresses, phone numbers, desired wages, possible start dates, positions of interest, types of employment desired (i.e. part-time, full-time, etc.), and indication of age (whether over 16 and/or 18). The section also provides a table for applicants to indicate specific hours available to work each day for a given week. To conclude the section, the form asks applicants about any personal history working for Gap Inc. brands or relatives with previous experience at company stores.

The next three sections include Work Experience, References, and Education & Training. Old Navy job hunters should provide information for up to three past employers. Key areas of information include starting and ending dates and wages, employer names, addresses, phone numbers, names of past supervisors, specific job titles, and reasons for leaving. In the References section, applicants need to list three persons of good character to serve as testaments to professional abilities. State the name, phone number, email, address, occupation, relationship to the person, and length of time acquainted for each reference. The Education & Training section delves into academic history. Detailed information required for high school, college, and/or vocational training includes institution names, addresses, years completed, degrees attained, and coursework studied. The hiring form also asks prospective workers about fluency in foreign languages.

Additional Employment History Inquiries, Permission to Work, Referral Source, and Additional Questions conclude the application. In the Additional Employment History Inquiries section, Old Navy job hopefuls encounter questions regarding prior dismissals from work for behavior or work-related infractions and criminal history. If in either case an applicant marks Yes, the worker must explain the circumstances in detail in the boxes provided. Moving on, applicants must indicate legal eligibility to work in the United States or whether sponsorship of a visa may prove necessary in the near future. The Referral Source portion of the downloadable form asks for ways in which applicants heard about the specific position for hire. The form ends with three basic questions: “Why are you interested in working for our company?”, “What strengths would you bring to our company?” and “What didn’t you like about your previous jobs?”

Applicants then sign and date the form after reviewing information provided for accuracy and legibility. Signing the document certifies the information stands true and the person submitting the form represents the same person depicted in the writing. Workers then drop off the completed applications at local storefronts and await word from hiring personnel. Following up after submitting applications may lead to further interest from potential managers.

Old Navy Entry-Level Jobs and Salary Information
The perfect place for entry-level job seekers to find employment, Old Navy regularly hires workers 16 and over to fill a number of store positions. General hiring practices typically include face-to-face job interviews with assistant managers or store managers. Old Navy needs to hire workers for the following store positions:

Sales Associate – Old Navy sales associates provide customer service. Primary job duties include greeting customers, answering questions, operating cash registers, and tracking inventory. Ideal candidates exude energetic, courteous, and friendly personalities. Other desirable characteristics include the ability to work holidays and weekends as well as brand knowledge. Pay typically starts at minimum wage for sales associates. Experienced workers may make up to $10.00 an hour, depending on store location.

Stock Clerk – The job duties of stock clerks involve manual labor. Applicants seeking stock clerk jobs should possess the ability to lift heavy objects and work for long periods of time on foot. Old Navy stock clerks typically restock shelves, organize displays, and receive shipments. Some stores may require stock employees to conduct inventory. Pay scales traditionally start out at minimum wage and increase with experience.

In addition to entry-level work, Old Navy offers career opportunities in management and the company corporate offices. Careers in management offer attractive salary options and access to employee benefits. Specific job titles include stock lead, shift supervisor, assistant store manager, assistant merchandising manager, brand visual merchandise expert, cashier lead, product manager, and store manager. Corporate careers remain available in a number of fields, such as IT, marketing, human resources, legal, and distribution but typically require additional certifications and qualifications.

Benefits of Working at Old Navy
Historically, Old Navy associates receive discounts on clothes and merchandise. Most retail jobs feature flexible scheduling, career growth potential, and fast-paced, energetic work environments. The retailer also provides paid training opportunities for advancement into many full-time positions. Qualified workers also enjoy job benefits packages consisting of 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off, healthcare coverage, and life insurance options.

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