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Printable Gamestop Application

Complete the GameStop application to discover employment options in the retail industry.

Job seekers looking for employment with GameStop need to fill out the application form in order to receive hiring consideration. To begin the hiring process, applicants need to download the application. The Download Application link on the right-hand side of the page, located underneath the image of a printer, takes applicants to the application form. Applicants may complete the document on the computer or print the document out to fill in longhand in blue or black ink.

The application starts off with a personal data section asking applicants to write in personal information, such as name, address, phone, and email. Following the initial fields for contact information, the hiring form then requires applicants to check off boxes regarding age, ability to legally work in the U.S., and criminal convictions.

In the following section, GameStop applicants need to fill out placement information. First, the section requires applicants to write in positions applied for, wages desired, dates available to start, and availability for each day of the week. Job hopefuls also need to check off reference sources, and desires to work part-time, full-time, or temporarily.

GameStop reserves the final section of the application for employment history. Applicants need to list current or most recent employers first. When listing employers, applicants need to include employer names, telephones, supervisor names, addresses, dates employed, salary, positions held, reasons for leaving, and summaries of duties. The form leaves spaces for two employers. If needed, job applicants may list additional past employers by attaching separate pieces of paper.

Once finished with the application, GameStop job seekers should carefully review the document. Spelling errors or incorrect information may hurt applicant hiring chances. Workers should fix mistakes by filling out a new document. Once satisfied with the hiring form, each applicant should submit the document in person at desired locations. To increase hiring chances with the retail chain, job hopefuls should hand applications directly to management. Following up with an email or phone call to check on application status may further increase candidate chances of landing a job.

GameStop Entry-Level Positions and Salary Info
Applicants seeking entry-level jobs may find viable career options with GameStop. The gaming retailer stands as a perfect opportunity for young workers to begin careers. Many people prefer to work part-time; however, the retail chain offers viable career paths in management and the company corporate offices, as well. The popular gaming retail store hires entry-level job hunters regularly and offers competitive starting pay. Applicants must meet minimum age requirements for employment consideration. Age limits include workers 16 and older. Positions for hire often include:

Game Advisor – The most common entry-level position applied for at GameStop, game advisor offers young workers and part-time job seekers widespread opportunities for employment. Applicants seeking game advisor jobs generally earn between minimum wage and $10.00 an hour to start. Hourly pay may vary by retail location. Primary job duties include stocking shelves, operating cash registers, completing transactions, and answering questions about game titles, consoles, new releases, and other merchandise. Game advisors generally work part-time hours, or between 15 and 25 hours per week. Some locations may provide full-time game advisor jobs.

Accessory Associate – GameStop also offers accessory associate entry-level positions. Accessory associates specifically help customers with questions or issues regarding game console accessories. The entry-level position may also require workers to act as cashiers, in some cases. Pay for accessory associates begins just above minimum wage. Experienced accessory associates earn upwards of $10.00 an hour.

Career-minded applicants may find work as managers and supervisors at GameStop locations. Interested individuals 18 and over may apply for senior game advisor, assistant manager, and store manager positions with the video game retail chain. Full-time employees typically work 40-hour weeks and take responsibility for the hiring and training of new associates, delegation of work, and completion of various administrative tasks. The gaming and accessories chain also hires applicants with four-year degrees and job experience for corporate careers in IT, marketing, accounting, and human resources.

Employee Benefits with GameStop
Concerned for the wellbeing of employees, GameStop offers qualified workers access to generous work benefits. Eligible store associates receive medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug coverage, flexible spending accounts, paid time off, life insurance options, 401(k) retirement plans, and tuition reimbursement. Employees also receive discounts up to 15% on video games and other store merchandise. The hiring process usually provides in-depth job benefits information.

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