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Printable Starbucks Application

The Starbucks application represents outstanding opportunities in the coffee shop industry.

The Starbucks application form requires both general and specific details regarding personal contact information, employment history, criminal history, education background, availability, position or positions desired, and professional references. To access available jobs, workers may apply online, pick up applications in store, or download employment forms directly to home computers. Clicking on the printer icon to the right of the page grants instant access and immediately downloads the job application in PDF format. Complete the form completely and in legible fashion using blue or black ink to ensure quality and presentation of information.

In the first section, Starbucks asks applicants for basic contact and personal information, such as names, current addresses, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, age verification over 18, and any conviction of crimes within the last seven years. The coffeehouse chain also provides check boxes for applicants to verify Yes or No as to eligibility to work in the United States. The section following provides the coffee shop with information pertinent to any positions desired. Workers must indicate preferred locations, positions, and salary expectations in the spaces provided. Applicants must also fill out a corresponding table providing data fields for each day of the week. Prospective coffee shop associates must disclose expected availability in the table and then answer the following questions: “Are you able to work overtime?” and “Have you ever worked for Starbucks Coffee Company?” If so, indicate when and at which stores or specific departments.

The two-page document continues with education history. The tables in the Education section provide spaces for information regarding experiences in high school, college, post-collegiate, and vocational schools. Only fill in the sections applicable to personal experiences. Include the names and locations of institutions attended, years completed, whether graduated, and concentrations of coursework. Below the table sits a line for Starbucks applicants to provide any additional skills or training pertinent to positions desired, including typing speeds in words-per-minute and proficiency with computers and various computer software.

In addition to basic information, the cafe chain asks applicants about personal experiences at Starbucks coffeehouses. Provide descriptive answers in the section and try to relate how the experiences gained as a customer shaped any desires to work for the coffee shop chain. After completing the set of questions, job seekers fill out information regarding previous employers and professional references. Provide as much information as possible in both sections. The employment history section asks for company names, addresses, starting and ending hourly pay/salary options, specific position or positions, reasons for leaving, job duties, and former or current supervisor contact information. List employment history beginning with the most recent jobs held. If employed, applicants may opt to exclude hiring managers from contacting current supervisors for professional reasons.

Closing out the application, Starbucks requests applicants provide up to three professional references. The coffee shop chain requires applicants to know professional references for a minimum of a year. Include the name, telephone, address, occupation, and number of years acquainted and relationship with each reference on the form. The final step in completing the printable application includes signing and dating the document. As a final form of verification, the signature serves as a formal confirmation of the information provided as accurate and truthful. Once signed, applicants should personally submit the documents to a hiring manager at nearby or desired locations.

Starbucks Entry-Level Positions and Salary Info
Starbucks offers coffeehouse jobs for entry-level workers and professional associates alike. Apply online to discover available part-time jobs and full-time careers in the booming coffee shop industry. Turn in an employment application to find rewarding career opportunities. The major employer typically needs to fill the following cafe jobs:

Barista – A Starbucks barista prepares and serves drinks. Additional job duties include stocking products, answering customer questions, and maintaining clean cafe environments. Baristas generally earn between $8.00 and $9.00 an hour, with pay scales topping out around $14.00. Gratuities often factor into overall barista earnings.

In addition to barista jobs, Starbucks offers shift supervisor jobs. A shift supervisor directs work on the floor during a shift and ensures customers enjoy exceptional coffee shop experiences. The chain also offers roasting careers at several corporate plants across the nation. Roasting plant jobs include quality assurance engineer, plant learning specialist, machine operator, maintenance technician, materials specialist, and distribution manager. Professional associates may find careers in administrative support services, business development, design, engineering, sales, procurement, supply chain management, communications, finance, and marketing, as well.

Work Benefits at Starbucks
Dedicated to employee success, Starbucks offers comprehensive employment benefits to eligible part-time workers and full-time associates. Typical job benefits include healthcare coverage, income protection, and reimbursement accounts. Qualified associates may receive medical, dental, and vision plans. Eligible workers may also access life insurance, employee assistance programs, disability coverage, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance. Reimbursements accounts offered include dependent care, healthcare, and tuition reimbursement. Savings plans available include 401(k) retirement plans and stock investing plans. The international coffeehouse offers employees paid time off and employee discounts, as well.

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