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Printable Subway Application

Applicants seeking fast food jobs should fill out the Subway application.

A leading quick-service dining chain, Subway uses a unique application to screen applicants. Job hopefuls should begin the application process by downloading the form to the right of the page. Next, applicants may choose to complete the forms on the computer or print the document and provide information by hand. Use black or blue pen ink and write clearly for best consideration.

The Subway job request form begins with a personal information section. In the spaces provided, applicants must write down names, Social Security numbers, addresses, phone numbers, and ages. Job hunters should also list emergency contacts by writing in names, home numbers, and addresses for the individuals provided.

Subway then inquires about worker availability. The section begins with questions regarding eligibility to work in the United States, total hours available to work per week, and dates available to start work. Next, job searchers must denote desires to work part-time, full-time, seasonal, or temporary. Concluding the section, applicants need to list hours of availability for each day of the week.

In the following segment, Subway asks applicants for most recent school or schools attended. The section looks for school names, addresses, teachers or counselors, dates completed, and grade point averages. If applicable, workers may list current and former sports or activities.

The next section of the Subway application asks applicants to list two recent employers beginning with the most recent first. Information should include company names, addresses, positions, supervisors, dates employed, wages, and reasons for leaving. Applicants should use credible information since managers frequently contact previous employers.

After checking the previous sections, applicants conclude the first page with a references section. In the space provided, workers give the names, addresses, phone numbers and years known for two references. Subway asks applicants to refrain from listing family members as references. Instead, fast food job seekers should provide professional contacts or coworkers.

Making the application unique, the fast food sandwich chain poses a two-part employment test on the second page of the form. Part one of the test asks a number of mathematical questions. The first three questions ask applicants to perform basic addition and subtraction. Next, applicants need to list the bills and coins necessary to make change for given amounts. Part two asks several customer service-related questions, such as: “A customer complains that he was short changed. What do you do?” and “What do you consider to be the most important qualifications of a Subway employee?”

To complete the application, Subway job hunters must read and sign an applicant statement. In summary, the statement claims applicants provided truthful information and serves as formal consent to dissemination of the data on the form. After signing the document, each applicant should return the form to a local restaurant to receive employment consideration. To improve hiring chances with the fast food sub chain, applicants should personally hand the application to managers on duty.

Subway Entry-Level Jobs and Salary Info
Applicants 16 and older must submit the required employment forms to begin the Subway hiring process. Once reviewed by a manager, the form falls under formal review. Workers typically receive phone calls to schedule job interviews a few days later. The major sandwich chain conducts job interviews for a variety of positions on a regular basis. The following restaurant jobs regularly need staffed at store locations:

Sandwich Artist – Subway constantly screens motivated and dedicated workers to fill sandwich artist jobs. Primary duties include greeting customers, taking orders, preparing food, operating cash registers, stocking supplies, managing inventory, and cleaning work stations. Experienced sandwich artists may advance to senior sandwich artist roles; however, the position requires little experience to earn base employment consideration. Pay starts around minimum wage for sandwich artists and typically ranges up to $9.00 an hour.

Shift Manager – Subway offers low-level management jobs in addition to full-time careers. Shift managers maintain work environments, schedule employees, hire and train workers, and ensure customer satisfaction. Additional job duties include receiving shipments, taking inventory, and carrying out administrative tasks. Shift managers must possess solid organizational and leadership skills. Many shift managers earn around $9.00 an hour starting pay, depending on experience and location.

Subway management jobs also include assistant manager and manager positions. Assistant managers and managers oversee operations and ensure customer satisfaction. Additional employment opportunities include multi-unit manager, accounts payable assistant, customer care representative, financial assistant, office assistant, and network administrator. Exciting corporate careers in IT, marketing, accounting, human resources, and legal also provide fast food professionals meaningful employment and lucrative salary options.

Subway Job Benefits
Entry-level, new-hire workers and career professionals alike experience a wide range of employment benefits at Subway. The international fast food chain provides career growth potential, competitive pay scales, and work benefits packages. Job benefits packages include 401(k) retirement plans with company match, credit union memberships, health and fitness programs, and paid time off. Additional employment benefits include medical, dental, vision, and life insurance coverage as well as dependent care plans. Employees must meet qualifications to earn work benefits packages, which generally consist of assuming full-time or 40-hour work weeks.

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