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Printable Taco Bell Application

The Taco Bell application assists workers seeking jobs in the fast food industry.

Available for download to any mobile, tablet, or PC device from the designated link at the right of the page, the Taco Bell printable application form offers a straightforward method for fast food job seekers to officially express interest in employment with the quick-service restaurant chain. The application starts with data fields for a variety of personal information, including name and address, position or positions desired, current employment status, and academic background. The fast food employer also wants to know about salary expectations and referral sources. Applicants should base expected pay rates on current industry standards and use blue or black ink to fill out the application form.

The next page of the application primarily focuses on candidate criminal history. Job searchers must disclose and explain any misdemeanor and felony convictions. Taco Bell also asks about past involvement in civil lawsuits. While such infractions do not automatically negate hiring eligibility, candidates with criminal records should seize the opportunity to take responsibility for past actions, demonstrate remorse and personal growth, and reiterate interest in working for the chain. The second page also commences the work history section by asking job hunters to describe any special skills relevant to the current employment opportunity.

Work history continues on the following page of the application form, as prospective Taco Bell employees must list all previous jobs from the past seven years starting with the current or most recent positions held. Applicants need to provide standard details of past employment, such as employers and supervisor names, job titles and duties, salary rates, and reasons for leaving. The hiring form then requires potential workers to furnish contact information for five references. While former managers and supervisors usually serve as the most effective job references, the international fast food company explicitly instructs candidates to use references other than past employers or family members.

After listing references and ensuring the legibility of the application forms, job seekers must read and sign the statement at the bottom of the two documents. Signing the application indicates a commitment to providing accurate information and gives Taco Bell permission to conduct background checks before extending offers of employment. Applicants should personally submit the completed forms to desired locations. A manager in charge of hiring typically serves as the ideal recipient to the completed form.

Taco Bell Entry-Level Positions and Salary Information
One of the biggest fast food chains in the world, Taco Bell regularly hires motivated and personable applicants to staff available jobs. Each position features different work benefits. The industry leader typically hires applicants 16 and over to fill the following job titles:

Team Member –Taco Bell team member job duties include basic restaurant maintenance and customer service. Specific job responsibilities include operating cash registers, preparing food, and taking inventory. Many new-hire employees start out making minimum wage, though pay may fluctuate with experience and training.

Cashier – Taco Bell cashiers handle transactions. Workers with exceptional communication and customer service skills should apply online for cashier jobs. Cashiers may run registers for the dining area as well as the drive-thru windows. Additional job duties include food preparation and building maintenance.

Applicants seeking more than entry-level work with Taco Bell may consider careers in management. The widespread chain regularly offers managerial jobs at both company-owned restaurants and franchised locations. Other professional jobs, such as work in customer service, data entry, regional operations, and purchasing, remain available through the international fast food chain, as well. Corporate positions at the Irvine, CA, headquarters include marketing, IT, accounting, and merchandising jobs. Managers, distribution staffs, and home offices professionals often need additional skills and the ability to meet certain academic and experience-related credentials.

Taco Bell Employment Benefits
Taco Bell offers employees a wealth of job benefits and other exciting employment perks. Workers enjoy competitive pay scales, paid training, and flexible scheduling. Employees also enjoy comfortable work environments with discounts on food and drink. Many professional and corporate associates earn extensive salary options and insurance coverage, including health, vision, and dental care. Eligible staff may access 401(k) retirement plans, as well.

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